Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Breaking Out

I have to share, even though it's a bit preliminary, because I am *really* excited about this little nugget.  This fall, I and a colleague will be putting together "Breaking Out Fair 2010".  The theme is breaking out of poverty, breaking out of stereotypes, breaking out of prejudice, breaking out of negativity, breaking out of your comfort zone.  The goal is to combine fundraising and goods raising efforts for two local shelters (an abused womens' shelter and a veterans' shelter) with an awareness raising campaign on KSU campus.  Get students engaged and assisting with the greater community, while highlighting some of the support structures available through the university and community. 

The fraternities/sororities and any other organizations will be helping to gather goods needed by both shelters in a competitive event.  Organizations and departments can participate by "locking up" someone, once the inmate raises the required bail, they get out; until then, they're stuck in one room with all the other inmates.  The fair will consist of various resources available and associated with the University- Habitat for Humanity, career services, writing/tutoring services, psychological clinic, health clinic, rec center, professional development, multi-cultural/LGBT/womens' organizations, and others.  I think it's going to be a great time, but I might be biased.  I'll update as we figure out the details.

So what about you?  What have you broken out of recently?  What or who helped you do that?  What are you trying to break out of?  What resources do you still need to help you break out?  I'd love to hear some other takes on this, and ideas that y'all may have.

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  1. this sounds incredible and necessary. anything to raise awareness. i wish this would have been done on my campus.