Sunday, May 8, 2011

ROAR!!! ~Mama

"...Amma, you know, the hugging saint of India, who says that true motherhood means that all creatures are your children. That's true motherhood, and she defines that as divine love and as God."  ~Alice Walker
Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there, whether a mama to a child of their body or heart or soul; whether early or late, intentional or mistaken; whether a mama to a fur-baby, a real baby, a small flock or class, or to the planet; in spirit or in fact- all y'all mama's are important. 

Personally, I'm a mama that follows in here daddy's footsteps- I fix things.  I fix breakfast, lunch and dinner; I fix boo-boos and feelings; I fix broken toys and broken hearts; I fix torn clothes and sick animals (pets or otherwise); I fix torn books and leaky pipes.

What kind of mama are you?  What's your super power?  How are you celebrating today?  Whatever the answers to these questions, enjoy the day, today and every day!

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