Sunday, June 14, 2009


Here's our veggie garden accomplishments, side garden will be posted later. We came home to little flowers on the pea plants- just in time for bees on Monday! We have veggies popping up all over, including a few volunteers from the compost heap, I believe. In other news, Kent now has a group on Neighborhood Veggies, so check it out for plant swapping/veggie sharing/co-op news, among other things. Yeah! This weekend has been an outdoor weekend, and my back is killing me, hope you had as much fun as we did. I finally got my new telephoto lens, Sigma 100-300, with macro! How freaking cool is that?

And before you ask, yes I did do work as well, this happens to be the first time Dwight had set foot in the garden. Don't think he's all that just because I stopped a few minutes early to grab the camera. ;-)

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  1. Lisa, your sweet babies are adorable! Pretty soon you'll have lots and lots of veggies. I hope you take pictures of your kitchen creations too! =-)