Friday, June 26, 2009

Sleepy time

I can't sleep. The last four or five days. It's really starting to suck. But I did get an (hopefully) awesome wool topper for the mattress in from our favorite organic home store up in Rocky River. D-train said it was pretty nice (because he has no problem sleeping, any time, any where). Now I just have to wait for the darn sheets to dry so I can put the bed back together. Also did some extensive sampling- I really need to get the key to the shed at the wetland. I want to at least be able to use the radio in there, daggumit.

For some reason, I planned a half birthday party for Ken tomorrow. Oh, yeah, because he was born on the 25th of December and getting anyone to come to his birthday parties then has been, well, impossible. And tomorrow looks to be no different. I have such a complex from sucking at birthday parties when I was a kid, I have to wonder about this whole thing. Would it be better to keep trying and risk him having this same complex? Or should I just stop trying? Stopping would be a h3ll of a lot easier and less expensive. Grrrr...

He and I went to the park a couple of days ago, and had a bunch of fun. I brought my camera, and was snapping shots of him playing with the other kids, when the other kids at the playground got interested in the camera. So I have about 100 photos taken at the eye level of three to six year olds, all of the most random stuff (even random for me!). It was cute, I just hope the moms weren't too upset. They kept telling their kids to give me back the camera, but I was really fine with what they were doing. They always had neck strap on, and I was always nearby. Oh well.

Hoping to maybe write something a little more coherent and thoughtful tomorrow (or Sunday? see how busy I am tomorrow). There have been a lot of things running around in my head, trying to put the right words to them. Thoughts needing a release, or a way out. I would much rather write them than drill a hole and shake them out. Ta for now!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

    The wool topper sounds really cool! I've been wanting to use more organic/eco-friendly (and chemical-free!) products in our home. We are careful with what we eat, but often don't give a second thought to what we sleep on. Hmmm...I sense some shopping in my immediate future...

    PS - Hope the birthday party works out!

  2. I was raised in Ohio and can't wait to go back---we'll be visiting my parents in July, yea! :)

    I think it's great that you allowed the kiddos to use your camera. Why not expose them to photography at a young age? I love letting my 4-year-old take pics sometimes. It's always neat viewing things from the Little Ones' perspectives. :)


  3. DO IT! Wool topper and organic latex mattress are a dream, especially when combined with soft as satin organic cotton sheets! If it weren't for the boy, last night's sleep would have been heaven.