Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Doing good can taste great!

OK, time for a picture post. All the foods seen in here- I grew! Well, except the pierogies. I don't have a pierogie bush, unfortunately. Or pie-tree. Or ice cream plant. I think that's probably a good thing. But all of the veggies in here are from our garden. All other ingredients are from within 30 miles. And all organic. And all delicious. It was a home-made day, entirely!

Ken enjoying pierogies and veggies.

Pierogies, zucchini, collards, turnip greens, garlic scapes, and peas. Crazy early zucchini, but small (plant and fruit). Volunteer from the compost heap.

Home made granola! Proving that I'm a hippie.

Lasagna leftovers from the other night.


And the finishing touch- PIE A'LA MODE!


  1. Oh Lisa, All that food looks amazing!! And there's the infamous greens!

  2. Yes, lots of greens- in the pierogies, lasagna, and salad. I even found a recipe for collard-popsicles, but Dwight nixed that notion *real* quick. Probably with good cause.