Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Somehow, they never turn out the way you envision.  Expectations are funny like that.  If you set the bar low, you'll surely be pleasantly surprised; expect a lot and you get let down.  It's not rocket science, but life still throws me curve balls on occasion.  Really, I think the lesson is to just stop trying to expect anything and allow life to happen as it will, without preconceptions.  Which all sounds great in writing but seems very hard to do in reality.  And has also gotten me in trouble, with accusations of being callous.  Gah.

I recently made the mistake of forgetting everything I wrote above, and set my expectations too high.  I was swiftly reminded that the world does not care what expectations little old me might have of life, and that humility is a positive trait.  Whoops a' daisy.  Hopefully I'll remember that lesson for a bit longer this time, so my pride had a bit of time to heal. 

OK, admittedly it's happened twice lately, but the one instance I didn't feel any unreasonable expectations were being laid out.  Just show up on time for the class that you're supposed to teach, and I'll be happy.  Meh, whoever thought that that would be an unrealistically high expectation for some people?  Oh well.  Once again I learned. 

Don't make expectations, and you won't be disappointed.  Or at least not as much as you would have been if you had made those expectations.  Now I have to go bang my head against the wall a bit and scream about why can't things just work the way they're supposed to.  Good evening, all!

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