Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lessons of the Snow

An excursion for Ken and I out and about on New Year's Eve made me think about snow. It's northeast Ohio- we get plenty of it. Usually, it's dealt with, enjoyed for a couple days, and we're sick of it in short order. Even in this college town, where I see plenty of people walking and no many people without a car or with one car in a family, just ignoring the snow is a viable option for many businesses and individuals. That makes trying to walk instead of drive pretty dang difficult. But we managed to get where we were going and back without major incident and even enjoyed ourselves in the process. So I thought I'd share a few of these thoughts here.

Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Sure, this is a lesson that can be learned many places, but it seemed especially true this time. Skimping time on the bundling would have made our journey much worse.

Lead by example, not by the hand. Taking someone by the hand and guiding them may get you someplace more quickly, but if one of you stumbles, you both end up in the drift, and considerably less learning goes on.

Even a small child can topple a giant if the giant is on an unstable foundation. At this time of change and uncertainty, this one strikes me as especially relevant. On a related note- always be sure of your footing, the extra time to be sure saves quite a bit of soreness.

Sometimes the path of least resistance may take you a longer distance, but you get to the same point in the same amount of time anyway.

If you're looking, beauty can be found anywhere, although all beauty eventually fades and beauty can hide very treacherous conditions.

Laughter does wonders for warming the heart and making a journey seem shorter, and a companion has the same effect, so if you want to make a trip quick go with a smile and a friend.

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