Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Belated Pi Day!

To celebrate the event, I'm posting my dad's classic bad joke.  Really- it's bad.

A farmer and her husband work hard, live frugally, and save every penny they can so that when they're old enough, their children can go to college.  That day finally arrives, and they proudly send their first child off to school.  Upon returning home for winter break after his first semester, the boy is quizzed by his father, who was smart in the ways of the world, but uneducated in academic disciplines. 

"What'd they learn you at college?" asks the father, who had always admired education but accepted it as not his fate.

"Pi(r)2" responded the boy.

To which his father, incensed and red-faced, replied, "BOY!  You ain't learned NOTHIN'!  Pie are round; CORNBREAD are squared!"

Ba-dum-bum.  I told you it was bad.

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