Friday, March 19, 2010

Plun Creek Park Revisited

It's been one winter and lots of work since I announced my excitement over the Plum Creek Park renovations, and I figured it's time to update.  I decided this because, well, we finally got out to the park the other day, and yowzers, have things changed there!  I know I didn't post "before" pictures, but I will be posting some "afters" marked up to point out the big changes.  We're really excited.  Plum Creek is a tributary of the Cuyahoga, which means Crooked River.  Plum Creek when we moved to Kent was less a crooked anything or a river, and more a stagnant, wide, shallow pond.  Capped by a crumbling dam near the bridge.  Not anymore!

Please excuse the crap photos- we didn't have time to go until right at sundown and it's my first shot at stitching photos to make a panorama.

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