Saturday, December 15, 2012


Like most of the country, I'm still processing the violence in Connecticut from yesterday.

I realize gun violence is a huge trigger for me.  I lost my sister to suicide committed with a handgun, and I was raised a pacifist, so yeah, guns evoke strong feelings in me, more than is rational.  Music is usually my catharsis, and that's no secret.  But when you loose someone close to you to suicide, reminders of what you've lost are everywhere, especially at the holidays.  With gun violence all over the news, trying to relax with a concert titled the "Sibling Rivalry Tour" in this situation is setting yourself up for a wild ride.  At least you are if you're me.  And that was my day yesterday.  Add in a very young child's succumbing to cancer, and whoa, buddy, analytical circuits go into over-drive from all that emotion.  I might be on edge for a bit.

On the up side, Jessica Lea Mayfield, David Mayfield, and Shivering Timbers were a-may-zing last night.  And in a ball of emotion that big, there's bound to be some good ones that pop up, and they're starting to do so. 

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