Monday, May 18, 2009

Checking things off

A few things I can now tick off my "To Do Before I Die" list

- Ride in a police car
- See Willie Nelson
- See a mud-wrestling match
- Get stuck beside the highway

So how was your weekend? ;-)

Oh, you want an explanation? I suppose. This was the weekend of Nelsonville Music Fest, formerly HockHocking Folk Fest. It's a wonderful festival that we try to go to every year and really look forward to seeing friends and hearing great music. Some gems from previous years include North Carolina Chocolate Drops, Reverand Peyton's Big Damn Band, Spikedriver, Guy Clark, Todd Snider and tons of others that I'm forgetting right now. And camping. In Ohio. In May. Legendarily spotty weather. Sometimes freezing, sometimes sweating. Gotta love it. And if you don't, wait ten minutes, the weather will change. Plus side visits to the Athen's farmers market, the Village Bakery, the Farmacy, and enjoy local food (you know I love that part). It's a magical place full of spectacular moments and amazing friendships.

This year's headliner was Willie Nelson, and after finally figuring out the logistics late in the week or two prior to NMF, we were planning on leaving Kent Friday after Dwight got off work. Then he had to work late. Then we stopped for dinner instead of just eating in the car like I had planned. We finally got to the campground a little before 11 PM. Where the short staffed volunteer crew didn't have our name on the list as paid. After, for the first time ever, I had had to pay for the weekend (normally I volunteer instead of paying for the passes), because I had been told by the organizers that they didn't need any more help. Grrr. Weekend not off to such a great start.

The nice vounteers dedided to let the crazy lady who claimed she had paid go ahead and camp, so the craziness subsided slightly. The tent erecting went reasonably well, and more craziness subsided. Then we went over to listen to a little music. Our tickets were there, ready to be picked up (well, wristbands- we never got ticket stubs so I'll have to do something else for the scrapbook). And then I hear that nope, kids don't need a ticket/wristbend, after I had paid full price for Ken's because I was told they needed one. Another Grrr. Music by the Spikedrivers abated the grrr-factor and weekend enjoyment commenced, especially after finding a good friend.

Things went well Saturday, albeit not as much friend time as I had hoped for (understandably so, I had slightly unrealistic hopes) and before we knew it, it was almost time for Willie. The man's a beast. Not a breath between songs. Machine gun Kelley style of singing. Wow. Only down turn was loosing a beach towel. Not so much lost as with a friend- I think- whom we don't see often.

Sunday began fairly uneventfully, coffee in the morning, good talk about festivals past, and a decision to head out since Ken was being a complete lunatic. So we packed up and headed north, until we hit Newcomerstown. Where the alternator intake got a hole and we were dead on the side of the road. Thanks to a good friend who basically reassured me that what I had been thinking about doing was the right path to take, we had a plan, got a tow, spent the night in a local hotel (lucky point- people like my family name around Coshocton) and had a auto shop ready to look at the car in the morning.

Monday things went according to plan, minus a couple hours longer than expected. But we eventually got home safely, and the car is all fixed up, and we had one last adventure. All's well that ends well, right? As an added bonus, we came home to iris blooming for the first time since we moved here and a note from Marco, our newest sponsored child. In Nelsonville, the yellow iris were gorgeous.


  1. sounds like an awesome weekend. seeing willie is always such a treat.

    so where was the mud wrestling?

  2. Mud wrestling was at the festival. A pair of (probably at least slightly intoxicated) young people just kind of started wrestling. In the mud. They seemed to have fun.