Friday, May 8, 2009

Update on our little world

We've been busy around the Regula Meyer household this week! OK, I can't really remember when we haven't been busy around here, but that's beside the point.

It's the end of the semester, so I've had to give exams and grade papers. It's spring and the yard needs attention, as well as the garden. The local challenge has been tremendously fun, albeit more time consuming than thoughtless consumption. It's time for research season to start up soon (if not last week) and my prospectus is behind. Not to mention swim class, mother's day, challah baking, and just plain keeping up with life.

This was the last week of swimming, and I'll miss the lapswimming that I had been doing. Ken "graduated" to the highest preschool class at the Rec for his next session, whenever that is.

We've found some great places in Kent, and still searching for others- feel free to make suggestions! So far, we know that Kent has:

Food! Thanks Kent Natural Foods Co-op, Mustard Seed Market, and Taco Tanto's!
Natural cat litter- But not he Swheat Scoop that we usually get, so we'll see how Leucopus takes to it.
Office supplies- Right around the corner from us is Kent Office Supplies/Miracle On Main. Delivered next day, even, so I can walk over there for some exercise then get what I need delivered (they don't keep much in stock ready to go).
Ink cartridge refilling- Inkling, right on campus in the student center. Run by students, they can refill lots of ink cartridges and have ecofriendly office supplies. Sadly, they can't refill my cartridge.

Things I haven't found yet:

Kid's clothes- Admittedly, I haven't gotten to the thrift stores yet, but Ken needs PJ's badly. I might just break out the Singer. Dang boy keeps growing.
Bathroom light fixture covers- Kent Hardware lives up to its name- hardware. Not decorating stuff. Hmmm, this one is proving to be a challenge. Maybe try Habitat's ReStore?
Hummingbird feeder- One of those nice glass bubble ones, with the fake glass flowers to act as tubes. Mine broke over the winter.

I really need to try some of the other coffee places now that Susan's is gone. I want a mocha like no body's business.

Ken, Edith (from Kent Environmental Council) and I all went out to Breakneck Creek Preserve today and got a few pictures. The goal is to try and get a story in the Record Courier about River Day next week, before the events take place. Trying to boost turn out, since it is the year of the river. Unfortunately, we'll be in Nelsonville, Ohio with friends watching Willie Nelson. Come on, it's Willie Nelson! We have to go.

Challah baking for Hillel was last night. I want to find some sort of spiritual place for our family. I've heard suggestions of the Unitarian Universalist church here, and I want to check out the Friends church (I like that they're pacifists and active in social justice issues). The Jewish center seems much more focused on students, but we might go back there again since it's been a while since we were at Shabbat. I also want to check out the Masjid, to be well rounded, and it would be nice to find a Hindu and/or Buddhist temple, but the closest is probably Cleveland. Ugh, trying to raise a child with enough religious background to make up their own mind is enough to drive one batty. If only we could all just be pagan...

Spent today out in the yard when I should have been finishing with grades and such, but so goes life. The yard is mowed, the flower beds are weeded, new grass seed to fill in the bare spots, and started weeding the garden. There's a lot of weeds in the garden. Or maybe there's a lot of vegetables coming up. I can't really tell right now. Lots of green, but the little indistinct just two leaves (or a single blade) make up these damn plants. The only distinct ones are the beans and peas- which the groundhog fancies. I might resort to dynamite, except his burrow is under the garage. How much do we need a garage?

I think that's everything! I need to write more often, because these long posts are killing my fingers, and probably boring the crap out of you. It's OK, I know you've stopped reading by this point, so PHLEEEEEEEEBBBBB!!! That's a cyber-raspberry, to hold me over until the real ones are ready.

Adieu, farewell, alweiterzane, goodnight...

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