Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oooh, {drool}...

I'm not the only nerdy one, I swear! Other people like this bike, apparently, and what's not to love about it, from the looks. And for free?! Admittedly, I've never understood how someone could drop over a thousand dollars on a bike (which some people I know can justify doing multiple times), but for this one I might actually get it. We have a trailer for the bike, but it's, how do you say? Unwieldy. To be generous. We also have paniers, but again, kind of not the most comfortable ride. Especially loaded down with tent, poles, sleeping bags, cook stuff, and occasionally clothing. Not quite the definition of excruciating, but close. It looks like this could maybe do what we want it to, and still be vaguely not a pain in the ass to ride!!! Probably more durable than the nylon on the trailer as well. Now if only I could find a dealer near me. Hmmm...

So, go, check out what I'm talking about, and maybe we can petition Eddy's Bike shop to get one in! Support local business and sustainable transportation! Now that's soomething I can sink my teeth into.

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

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