Thursday, April 9, 2009


I missed a day! How did you guys let me do that? Well, yesterday wasn't that exciting anyway, so you didn't miss much.

Today, however, was more than enough excitement on the home front. Car style excitement. Excitement I could do without. Freida has an appointment tomorrow at eight, to check out the transmission, alternator, and computer. Oh joy. Ironic, isn't it? Just last week it was other people's car crap that threw me into a knipshin fit. Maybe I should have done more? So, sorry Sabrina, clicks are being repurposed into a Save Freida Fund. At least Dwight already had the day off and I don't have any big plans for tomorrow. Just take boy to school, drop off Freida, shop for Easter stuff, and work from home. The Easter stuff is because of a friend's jerk-wad ex whose been draining her of every last cent. Like when we did Adopt a family for Christmas, only for a friend. It'll be more fun this way, and I get to know who I'm helping. Shhh, can you keep a secret? :-)

In the positive column, it was another field trip day fish seining. The weather was much better- about mid-40's. Sunny, calm, and melt water had passed through. We caught some great fish, and I saw the first wild flower bloom of the season, a spring beauty. I'll have pictures later. I also got some non-wild flowers from a secret someone, maybe an admirer? Nah, I don't get admirers. Too sour for that. ;-)

Unfortunately, we missed swim due to the car issues, but we'll go this weekend I bet. I'll fill in more later, and add some photos. Now it's time for a little guy to go to bed.

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