Sunday, April 5, 2009

Doctor Who-Venture

Today was a geek day. We pretended to be Doctor Who on two different adventures, to the park and to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

The park is an old dam on the Cuyahoga river and has these gates at the top of the stairs leading down from street level that look vaguely similar to call boxes. Ken had dubbed them Doctor Who houses a while back on a drive past. Doctor Who house is his name for the Tardis of Doctor Who BBC fame. So we took the "Tardis" and found a whole new world, an alternate universe not unlike our own. :-) The trip involved some eye covering, whooshing noises, pressing imaginary buttons, and spinning around until we almost fell down the stairs. Almost, but not quite.

Then a while later, after some rain clouds started gathering, we went to CMNH and visited the planetarium. The poor curator that did the night sky show and taught us all about the stars probably thought we were from the assylum or something, calling him Doctor and using lots of sonic screwdrivers.
(Left) The Doctor Who house in Kent.

(Right) We think this is a giant microscope. Or a Ken shrinker. But we couldn't figure out how it works. Dwight posited that it may be an old die press, but Ken and I over-ruled him.

Ken showing off his Doctor Who sonic screwdriver.

Off in the distance, you can see the train heading our way on the other side of the river. Underneath the river runs an aquatic train that services the Atlanteans. Or maybe the Gungans. We couldn't find the entrance to the underwater train platform that we were obviously standing on top of, or else we would have gotten tickets to find out.

The little Wanderer, quite full of the wonderment we found today!

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  1. you are such an amazing geek momma!! i need to come visit so i can play with the microscope!