Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well, I could officially scream right now. It's been since Tuesday that my computer has been in the shop. And I'm sick of sharing Dwight's computer. There. I've said it. I don't like to share with my husband. I want *my* computer with *my* favorites and *my* files and *my* data. Just so I don't sound like a completely petulant child, I have revisions to my prospectus due ASAP. Hard to do revisions when I don't have my statistics package and data. The technician "thinks" it might be the cooling system. That was Thursday AM. No updates since, and no updates that I haven't called to beg for. Blah.

On the positive side, we went to the zoo today! Cleveland Metropark Zoo. Not my favorite, but I did get some good shots (I think). A whole carpet of trout lilies on the big hill. Magnolias were about spent. Starlings are back in town in a big way. I want to mist net a schload of starlings, stupid trash birds. They make me want to swerve the car. I dragged out the 35 mm camera for the first in a long time. Turns out my telephoto lens and my digital SLR don't play well together, and I really wanted some telephoto shots of the animals. I had almost forgotten the zen of 35 mm. Watching. Waiting. Checking the lighting. Rechecking the light. Checking different angles. And then finally shooting the perfect shot. And the anticipation of seeing the final product. It encourages thoughtful living and patience, in my opinion. Not all about instant gratification and disposable drive space like digital. I also happen to think that 35 mm still gives a better quality picture- the analog versus digital debate. Then again, I'm also a vinyl (records, not pants) girl. Don't worry, I promise as soon as I have my computer back you can see pictures. Until then, live a little more thoughtfully and delay your gratification. :-)

Yesterday was a great day too. Ken and I went to Munroe Falls Metropark on an adventure. More great shots from there- Indian springs, rue anemone, turtles (and turtle sex!), fish, a wood pecker, tons of chipmunks, and more spring beauty. Add to that Soil and Water Conservation trees coning in (pawpaw, raspberry, cranberry, and elderberry), a new edge to the ax, and the John Gorka/Susan Werner concert, waking up to a surprise note from an absent friend, and it was damn near perfection this weekend.

But wait, you say, the weekend's not even over! I know, and I still have more fun planned for tomorrow. Dwight will be stuck at the library reading and I will be finishing up cleaning (spring cleaning in warm weather- I love it!), working out at Lavendar Lane where we have a CSA share for this year, and a special grocery trip to Mustard Seed Market. I should probably also do this month's frog call survey and start getting stuff around for the field season. I'm going to need lots of wood and some assembly before Rana clamitans start seriously calling.

Really, the only downer is watching Kung-Fu Panda for approximately the 80 millionth time as we speak. Not exagerating at all.

Oh, and I almost forgot! I'm currently taking recommendations for a telephoto lens that fits a Canon Rebel EOS digital. Any suggestions? I like 100-300, so something in that range. Thanks in advance!

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