Monday, April 13, 2009

Gah, I love technology, don't you?

Being totally and amazing sarcastic here. Today is one of those days I could kill my computer if it were alive. Wasted all damned day trying to get it to work. Why would anyone design an anti-virus program to act like a virus? Well, the one I added this weekend did just that. Locking up the computer, constantly screaming about updates, generally hijacking my mental well-being. Until I finally just started the thing up in "Last known good settings" mode. But at least it appears to be working now. If I start stuttering on here, or typing in tongues, blame technology.

And I have a bit of a confession. I feel like a fraud calling myself a wanderer these days. We broke down and bought a Garmin GPS unit. We've had a GPS unit forever, but it was one of the early ones, no fancy talking lady, just a research tool used for marking field sites and getting sizes and distances. Well, after a wrong turn (or a few) on the way to the museum a couple weeks ago, and a map to the head, it was time to make the plunge. So I found a really good deal on Ebay, and now it's here and in the car. Can I still really be a wanderer when I have a GPS unit that talks to me? Really? Maybe I'll just have to walk more often.

Something to brighten the day. A dirt smiley that we found at the park on Sunday! No manipulation necessary!

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