Tuesday, November 13, 2012

OK, the little things make the world go 'round some days.  And on a day that Thanksgiving preparations are occurring, and lots of friends are posting about their sister/family, and travel plans are being anticipated, and IJUSTWISHMYSISTERWERESTILLALIVEANDDADWOULDBEAHUGEBONUS, those little things are huge things.  Little things that made my day today, in no particular order:

1.  The little twit that accused Elmo of grossness rescinded.
2.  I was contacted about a "Kent Heroes" thing on Save the Standing Rock by a Kent State photographer.
3.  I signed the original bond for the restraining order against a freaking house.
4.  I submitted my application for a kick-a$$ position that I'm drooling over.  Biology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies not too far from Kent; it's like it was written for me.
5.  Little dude is a rockstar, and thrilled to get a photo book that he and I made on election day.
6.  I have awesome friends. 
7.  I got to Skype with J&H and surro-baby #2.  Even better was seeing little dude and Miss E laughing hysterically at each other. 
8.  Being called "mom" by somebody else' kid.
9.  I got to watch the new Walking Dead again.  Yeah, it's great.
10.  Potential new tutoring students.  And fun stuff like a cloth diaper consult tomorrow.

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