Friday, November 30, 2012

Friendship and Facebook

It's a sad-ish day around the house today, mourning the loss of a friendship.  It was a friendship that I had been feeling less well with for a while, but it still hurts.  You know the friend- calls you when they want something done, is too busy to talk when you try to reach out, asks you to censor yourself on their Facebook posts in order to keep the peace, doesn't like to debate on Facebook but frankly that's the only place you interact.

Hmmm...  Writing this out makes it not seem like much of a friendship to begin with...

I tried to respect her wishes, and took my opinion to my own wall, where she followed and proceeded to have the argument that she didn't want on her's.  When I pointed out that she likes to "control the message," she got upset.  I'm sorry that I used the wrong words, but I don't know what else to call it when you request people remove comments in a discussion.  Things escalated, and ended with her stating "...If you don't like the way I operate, unfriend me. It's a simple as that."  

So I did.  

The one way we interacted, gone.  I don't need "friends" who don't value me; I'm not some poor little puppy.

But I still miss her.

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  1. Losing a friend is always hard.
    That said, if it's someone that has been a drain on you of late, you will find that you feel much lighter in the coming days. :-)