Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why I'm Not a SAHM

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Today's Election Day, and Ken's school is cancelled as they're a polling place, so what's an over-worked, over-educated, over-achieving, and over-stressed parent to do?  Go to the Zoo!  And plan a party for a stuffed animal's birthday!  And basically home-school for the day... 

As an added part of today's events, he and I are taking a poll- Decision 2012.  Vote for your favorite animal by liking it, and we're going to build a graph of the results. 

The day's wrap-up:
Social Studies- Voting and a lesson in the electoral college and money in politics.
Literacy- Work in activity books to practice writing (he has my writing skills), and do some reading.
Science- Trip to the zoo and animal identification.
Math- Figuring up gift shop and store purchases while running errands and helping measure stuff for cooking.
Art- Build a Halloween diorama (yes, we're late) and put together a book for stuffed animal birthday (the Shutterfly book above).

So I'm beat.  How was your day?


  1. From the sound of your day and the flexibility and creativity that you used to make the most of your families day it would seem that you would make a great SAHM. :D

    I couldnt like your photos. Our vote is for Otters!! OBVIOUSLY the best animal at the Zoo, BUT since you didnt have pics of otters our actual vote is for the little dear like creature

  2. There's two deer-like critters- the tahrs, and the barking deer (look more like white tailed deer, but tiny). We love the otters, too, but they're not on display right now; that area of the zoo is being remodeled, and we're super geeked to see it in the spring.

    I'm pretty sure being a SAHM would require that I liked days like Tuesday, far better than I do. It's OK once and a while, but I'd rather have my career. Leave the early childhood educating to the experts, I'll stick with adult education. :)