Friday, November 16, 2012


Life sucks some days.  Recently, there's been an onslaught of bad news for many of my friends.  I feel bad for them,my heart hurts for them, but I find it hard to reach out beyond sympathizing on Facebook.  Our house is facing our own battles, but there are no doctors appointments, scary diagnoses, pills, treatments, or other obvious signs.  I know plenty of other houses that are also facing difficulties, so I know we're not alone. 

It's funny how social media lets us be so much more connected in some ways, but so much more isolated in others.  Human brains have not evolved for a digital interface, so there's a certain disconnect with this form of communication.  With today's children growing up more and more immersed in technology, I wonder how quickly we'll adjust to what technology has brought into the world. 

At the neurobiology level, our brains just don't react the same way to emails, texts, or online chatting the way they do to the voice, smell, or touch of our loved ones and friends.  Especially for people facing emotional difficulty like grief or depression, new forms of communication just don't have the same psychological benefit.  Do yourself and your loved ones a favor- pick up the phone today.  Stop by their house.  Write a letter and put it under your pillow for a night (sleep on it!). 

Remember tomorrow is International Survivors of Suicide Day.  Reach out and you could save a life.

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